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With comprehensive clinical-replacement lesson-planning tools, you are guided through how, when, and where to use your ATI clinical-replacement solutions.


Your need to replace lost clinical time with quality, computer-based practice hasn’t lessened — nor has your need to comply with state board requirements.

With comprehensive clinical-replacement lesson-planning tools, you are guided through how, when, and where to use your ATI clinical-replacement solutions.

These complimentary lesson-planning guides — created by ATI’s expert nurse educators — do the heavy lifting for you. They align components such as sample learning objectives, suggested prebriefing and debriefing prompts, activity assignments, and more than 800+ RN hours and 500+ PN hours of clinical-replacement activities.

Whether you need an immersive clinical day simulation that uses many different ATI solutions or a quick, standardized clinical-replacement activity for a single ATI solution, you’ll have the guidance you need to ease all aspects of the process.

Download your free clinical replacement lesson plans in your ATI Faculty Portal under:

  1. Resources / Products & Integration / Online Clinical Plans
  2. Resources / Products & Integration / [Product Name] / Virtual Clinical Replacement Lesson Plan

*VCRs and OCPs have been developed to facilitate integration of simulation-based learning experiences into the curriculum for nursing programs who are responding to a lack of clinical facility access, insufficient clinical learning opportunities, or flexibility in achieving clinical outcomes. Educators should consider accreditation requirements, regulatory guidelines, and program-specific student learning outcomes, competencies, and evaluation measures when choosing simulation-based learning experiences for clinical supplement or replacement. Stated hours are approximate and based on completing all lesson plan activities as directed.


Discover 34 ready-to-use lesson plans covering 12 topic areas that offer a variety of online-based activities to complement your ATI solutions. Each supports a single ATI screen-based resource that is packed with independent and online group activities. You can add, skip, or interchange lesson plan activities according to your needs. Whether you are a novice or seasoned educator, you’ll have options to create a customizable plan that replaces whatever your desired number of clinical hours — quickly and easily.

VCRs include:

  • Product scenario overviews
  • Descriptive instructions for a variety of activities, such as: individual and group reflection activities, online group work and discussion boards
  • Pre- and post-activity questions


This resource is best-suited for programs with access to most ATI simulation and clinical-preparation solutions.

Using immersive clinical simulation, you can replicate a full clinical day with these comprehensive sets of faculty lesson plans, student checklists, and educator implementation guides. Every lesson plan includes pre- and post-conference debriefing for 5 RN and 3 PN topic areas. And all strategically adhere to NCSBN guidelines and INACSL’s standards of best practice for simulation as they kick off each session with prebriefing, weave together a series of ATI screen-based solutions, and then end with debriefing and evaluation.

Download a sample Online Clinical Plan: Faculty Lesson Plan now.

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