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Effectively measure student comprehension and engagement.

Effectively measure student comprehension and engagement.

As you move online, now more than ever, you need to be able to measure student comprehension and engagement in a formative manner.

With ATI solutions’ robust reporting capabilities, you have direct insight into both of these areas, as well as mastery. With one seamless, virtual tool — and only a few clicks — you can quickly identify vulnerable students or knowledge gaps in an entire cohort. Plus, you can dive deeper into data and trends using ATI Pulse to see ongoing reports that classify students into risk categories and then identify those most in need of remediation.

You also gain insight into how much — and how often — individual students and cohorts use their ATI resources. The Student Engagement tool correlates directly with ATI Pulse to deliver a detailed, comprehensive look into access of ATI assessments, tutorials, and quizzes compared to recommended benchmarks. Review overall usage scores and drill down even further to view engagement by aspects as specific as content area.

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*To better understand the challenges presented by the covid-19 pandemic, ATI surveyed nearly 600 nursing faculty and administrators in June 2020. Questions covered program operations, enrollment, clinical education, student well-being, and more.