74% of programs used remote proctoring during spring 2020*

Remote Proctoring

From admissions to end-of-program testing, you have access to a secure option to remotely proctor assessments via ATI’s partnership with Proctorio. The Proctorio platform uses machine learning to remotely proctor students from wherever they — and you — are located. You can proctor from the comfort of your home or office while your students take the assessment from their study space. When your assessments incorporate this type of secure proctoring component, you are assured of an receiving results that are an adequate representation of students’ knowledge.


You can administer all of your ATI proctored exams — from TEAS to the Comprehensive Predictor, and all exams in between — with the convenience and security that remote proctoring provides.


The Proctorio functionality is integrated into the ATI platform, ensuring the proctor’s experience remains the same. Test takers experience the new added layers of security only after logging in to the assessment.


You won’t be encumbered by blackout dates or other restrictions when scheduling a proctored assessment, providing you with flexibility and convenience.


No matter where your test-taker is located, your program can feel confident that your proctored assessments are being administered in a secure environment.

Prior to an exam 

Students are required to provide a photo ID, webcam photo, and e-signature verification before beginning an assessment. Once these steps are completed, the proctor will allow access to the exam.

During an exam 

Once the test begins, the virtual proctor software gets to work. The student’s screen will be locked, so they will not able to open other windows. They will be monitored via webcam, microphone, and screen recording. The software will automatically flag abnormalities during the assessment, which the ATI Test Security team then reviews.

System requirements 

A full list of ATI technical requirements can be found here.

The crucial need for remote proctoring.

Remote proctoring became commonplace during the pandemic. But its use also raised some questions. We researched answers to allay concerns.


The ATI TEAS Exam is the most widely adopted admissions exam in nursing education because it effectively evaluates students’ academic readiness for the rigors of nursing studies.

Lighten your admissions workload in multiple ways with TEAS at ATI. TEAS at ATI is proctored and administered by ATI Nursing to provide your admissions department with a secure, online testing solution to assess students’ academic preparedness

Scheduling includes testing sessions multiple times a day, nearly every day of the week. With so many testing options, your program can ensure you continue to admit the right candidates no matter what the circumstances.

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What people are saying

By my count we conducted over 1,800 exams between April 20 and June 9. We were given a big task what seems like forever ago to find a way to deliver this exam virtually in a very short period of time. Your solution worked and I can’t thank you enough for the help and support.

-Brian Hamilton, Ivy Tech Community College

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*To better understand the challenges presented by the covid-19 pandemic, ATI surveyed nearly 600 nursing faculty and administrators in June 2020. Questions covered program operations, enrollment, clinical education, student well-being, and more.