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Online Learning

Just because your students aren’t sitting in front of you doesn’t mean you can’t engage them in learning or “see” how well they’re grasping concepts. Using our online solutions, you’ll not only teach students using new, more effective techniques, but you’ll have access to valuable reporting data on student engagement and mastery. You’ll feel confident watching their progress each step of the way.

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Core Curriculum Solutions for Online Teaching

It’s time to meet students where they’re at — literally.

Today’s students demand more to stay engaged, and online learning is just the ticket. What better time to embrace online learning when few can gather in classrooms, lab access is sparse, and students are home, eager to be engaged with something besides a dull powerpoint. Even better? You can access ready-to-use lesson plans to make integration quick and easy.

Keep in mind that all online solutions are not created equal. Reading a PDF textbook, then navigating to a folder of videos, is a far cry from a fully integrated learning experience. Solutions like HealthAssess or Engage Fundamentals embed application activities and multimedia alongside learning content. You’ll bring your nursing core curriculum to life and help students learn at a deeper level. From individual activities to group work or full-class simulations, you’ll immerse your students in content, application, remediation, and quizzing. The result? You’ll better prepare them for the day they finally get to step foot in clinical.

You’ll find ATI solutions for all undergraduate nursing content areas, each incorporating application alongside learning. Featuring hundreds of virtual and video scenarios, unfolding case studies, practice challenges and more, online teaching just became a whole lot easier.

Begin exploring online core curriculum solutions from ATI now or contact your ATI representative today to map our online learning solutions to your curriculum.


NurseLogic is an interactive tutorial that introduces nursing students to the fundamental ideas and concepts behind the nursing profession.


Pharmacology Made Easy includes 12 educational modules primarily focusing on the effects of medication on the human body.


Video Case Studies offers students exposure to clinical scenarios and practice in clinical judgment responding to prompts, watching expert responses, reflecting and quizzing.


Dosage Calculation and Safe Medication Administration in an online study program, including in-depth tutorials, interactive drills, assessment and case studies, allowing students to master pharmaceutical math skills at their own pace.


Active Stack™ Pharmacology Flash Cards are interactive, online flash cards helping your students master a broad range of essential pharmacology content including the top 200 drugs.


The Test Taking Strategies Seminar is a live study session designed to provide nursing students valuable strategies to use in the classroom and throughout their careers.


EHR Tutor will give your students a realistic charting experience with all standard charting, as well as specialty items, including Behavioral Health, Labor and Delivery, Newborn, Pediatric, Outpatient, and Home Health Care modules.


Engage Fundamentals is a first-of-its-kind, fully interactive solution that truly engages students and enhances learning.


HealthAssess prepares nursing students to perform health assessments and builds their clinical judgment skills in a virtual learning and practice experience.

Core Curriculum Solutions

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*To better understand the challenges presented by the covid-19 pandemic, ATI surveyed nearly 600 nursing faculty and administrators in June 2020. Questions covered program operations, enrollment, clinical education, student well-being, and more.